Assault Bike Price Cut

Well, it looks like I may have picked up my Assault AirBike a bit too soon… I ordered one earlier this summer for $799, which was the going rate at that time. Now, just about six weeks later, they’ve dropped the price by $100.

The MSRP is still listed as being $999, but you can now get them on Amazon (and elsewhere) for $699. Why the price cut? My guess is that it’s a reaction to Concept2’s announcement of their new BikeErg. While the two bikes are pretty different, Assault may be responding to their new competitor.

Speaking of the competition… As of this writing, the Xebex Air Bike is still (as of this writing) selling for $799, and the AirDyne AD Pro has held steady at $999. The ‘mainstream’ AirDyne AD6 has dropped $20 to $519, but that change happened about a month before the BikeErg was announced.

Whatever the cause, if you’re in the market for an Assault Bike, this seems like a good time to pull the trigger. Only time will tell if this is a temporary price cut or a permanent reduction.

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