Bumper Plates: How Many of Which Size?

The other day, while doing deadlifts in our basement gym, I got to thinking about bumper plates. More specifically, I got to thinking about the best combination of bumper plate sizes. How many of which size?

A lot of gyms have the full range, including 10/15/25/35/45 lb bumpers. When I bought mine, I skipped the 15 and 35 lb sizes (I’ve likewise skipped 35 lb iron plates) and went with multiple pairs of 45 lb bumpers, a pair a 25 lb bumpers, and two pairs of 10 lb bumpers. That being said…

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I think I probably should’ve just bought a pair of 25 lb bumpers, and then multiple 45 lb pairs. There’s really no need for a 10 lb bumper when I can just slap on a bit of iron to round out the weight. I already do this with 5/2.5/1.25 lb plates, so why not just do the same for 10 lb plates, too?

Yes, using smaller diameter iron plates might result in a bit more stress on the bumpers when dropping weights. But as long as you don’t overdo it, I can’t imagine that using a bit of extra iron will have an appreciable effect on the lifespan of your bumpers.

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