Concept2 BikeErg vs. Assault Bike (or AirDyne)

The big news last week was Concept2’s announcement of their new BikeErg. But does the market really need another air bike? And how does this one differ from the competition — things like the Assault Bike or the AirDyne?

Well, for starters, one could argue that the BikeErg is in another category entirely. And that’s at least partly true. The BikeErg looks more like a traditional, fixed-arm exercise bike but with a key difference: the resistance is generated by the fan/flywheel, so it gets harder the faster you go.

So… The BikeErg is sort of a hybrid between a traditional exercise bike (i.e., a spinning bike or a Peloton) and a standard air bike, like the Assault Bike or an AirDyne. In that sense, the BikeErg is most similar to the more costly (the BikeErg is $990 + S&H), and not particularly durable WattBike.

First impressions

When I first heard about the BikeErg, I was underwhelmed. It’s essentially a legs-only air bike. Who cares? What would make me choose this over something like the Assault Bike that I already own? Nothing. Or so I thought.

But then I thought about it some more…

Changing my mind (maybe)

There are some things to love about the BikeErg. For one, it uses the familiar PM5 to track your workouts so you can store your workouts in your Concept2 online logbook, easily compare your performance against others, etc.

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Also, unlike the Assault Bike, the BikeErg has a clutch so you can stop pedaling and the flywheel will continue to spin. With an Assault Bike or AirDyne, the pedals have to turn in lockstep with the fan. The ability to “coast” a bit seems like a nice option to have.

And, finally, the BikeErg has fully adjustable handle bars. They can be raised and lowered and moved forward/backward. This is a pretty major advantage, especially for tall people for whom the fixed-length handlebars of an Assault Bike or AirDyne might present a problem.

Your thoughts?

So, dear readers, what do you think? Is the BikeErg a useful addition to the air bike market? Or is it a solution in search of a problem?

For those who don’t currently own an air bike, would you seriously consider the BikeErg? Or would you be more likely to stick with a tried and true option like the Assault Bike or AirDyne?

Or, if you already own a “standard” air bike, would you consider adding the BikeErg to your collection? I’m on the fence, but I have to admit that Concept2’s latest release is growing on me…

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  • Robert Harris Nov 1, 2017

    I’m a bit biased because I’ve been a fan of the C2 rowing ergs since the late 80’s. I was first introduced to the Model A by a group of Naval academy rowers during time aboard my first ship and the concept of equipment we could race on was amazing to me – I’ve owned one every since. However, recent injuries to my leg have forced me to retool my exercise regimen and biking seems like the next best thing. My first thought was the new C2 bike erg and I’ve already ordered one – it is to arrive this week. Having been a long time customer, I know the company is responsive and their products are gym quality but at a home unit price. You won’t see a commercial grade treadmill for $1K like the C2 rowers yet they are durable enough to serve 500 sailors on a ship or take the abuse of Crossfitters multiple times a day for years – that requires a highly durable product. So to answer your question – I’d absolutely consider the C2 erg. I should know if I got this right in a week or two after I’ve tried it out for a couple of weeks.

  • Iron Mike Dec 23, 2017

    I am intrigued by the Erg Bike. I own the Air Assault and the seat is a pain in the ass, literally. It is good for short intense interval training but not suitable for sitting on more than ten minutes. The handlebar action also causes the lower torso to twist increasing friction and thus discomfort.

    I have a Lemond Pro Spin bike. I have owned and extensively used spin bikes for the past 17 years beginning with the Johnny G Spinner. The ride is smooth but relies on friction with a pad, or in other models, magnetic resistance. What I find novel about air resistance is that the work out becomes more intensive with greater exertion. You can really dig into it.

    So I am going to but the Erg Bike and hope that the fan provides the progressive resistance of the Assault bike and the absence of handle bars will spare my derriere.

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