Concept2 Model D vs. Model E Rowing Machine

If you’re in the market for a new rowing machine, I have one word for you: Concept2. This is, imho, the only brand that you should consider. Beyond that, however, you do have a choice to make…

The Concept2 rowing machine (erg) comes in two flavors: the Model D and the Model E. There’s a price difference of ca. $200, but what else differs between the two?

Concept2 Model D vs. Model E

Let’s start with the similarities… The two models are functionally equivalent. They both ship with the latest performance monitor (PM5) and all of the moving parts are essentially identical.

As for differences…

  • The Model E sits six inches taller than the Model D, which might make it a bit easier to get on/off, especially for older people.
  • The Model D holds the PM5 on a pivoting arm made of ABS plastic (for ease of storage) while the Model E has a fixed arm made of aluminum.
  • The Model D has aluminum front legs, while the Model E has welded steel front legs — but both have identical specs in terms of maximum user weight.
  • The Model E has a fully enclosed chain housing, while the Model D has a partially enclosed housing.
  • The Model D is powder-coated, while the Model E is “double powder-coated” and has a glossy finish.
  • The Model E is slightly heavier than the Model D due to the above design differences.

And finally, price… As noted above, there is a $200 difference in list price between the Model D and the Model E (plus a slightly higher shipping charge for the Model E).

As of this writing:

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. I went with the Model E, though I should note that they used to ship with different PMs — when I bought, the Model E had the PM4, while the Model D had the PM3. I have since upgraded to the PM5.

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