Concept2 Rower: Upgrading PM4 to PM5

After careful consideration, I decided to upgrade the performance monitor on our Concept2 erg. We bought our Model E back in 2008 when the PM4 was the latest and greatest, but they’ve since introduced the more capable PM5 that adds some nice features.

I’ve previously discussed the advantages of the PM5 over the PM4. To me, the main benefits are the addition of a backlight as well as Bluetooth Smart connectivity. The backlight helps in low light, and Bluetooth Smart enables more heart rate monitors as well as wireless smartphone connectivity.

This latter point — the ability to establish a wireless link between the PM5 and your smartphone — is a big one. With the ErgData app in hand, I can easily (and wirelessly) upload my workouts to my Concept2 online log.

Note: ErgData can be used with the PM3/PM4 with a connection cable, but wireless is always better in my book.

The PM5 also uses a USB flash drive for extra storage in place of the old log card. This isn’t a huge deal to me, as I upload my workouts immediately, though I do appreciate the move to non-proprietary storage options.

With all of that said…

I just ordered a new PM5. The part # for my Model E, which doesn’t require any extra mounting hardware, is PN1818. Total cost: $160 + $8 shipping. I told my wife that she can count it as a Christmas gift. 🙂

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