How Thick are Rogue Fitness Bumper Plates?

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m not happy with the thickness of Rogue’s Hi-Temp bumper plates. They look cool and are super durable, but they also limit weight on the barbell, don’t fit very well in my plate racks, etc. I’ve thus been thinking about replacing them with something thinner.

In looking at Rogue’s website, I got to wondering about the accuracy of their plate dimensions. In particular, they list the 45 lb version of their Echo bumper plate as being just 2.4″ thick. When compared to the Hi-Temp bumper at 3.75″ and the HG 2.0 bumper at 3.25″, this seems too good to be true.

So… Are the Echo plates really that thin? And, more generally, are the plate sizes listed on Rogue’s website accurate? The answers to those questions are “no” and “mostly, but not entirely.”

As it turns out, the Hi-Temp plate sizes are accurate. The 45 lb plate really does take up 3.75″ on the bar, and the balance of the plate sizes are likewise listed correctly. The 25 lb plate is 2.25″ thick, and so on.

Similarly, the HG 2.0 plate sizes are also accurate. The 45 lb plate takes up 3.25″ on the bar, and the rest of the plate widths are also correct. The 25 lb version is 2″, etc.

But when we get to the Echo plates, the situation changes. Whereas the 45 lb plate is listed at 2.4″ wide, it’s actually 2.8″ wide. And so on down the list. Thus, while these plates are thinner than the alternatives, they’re thicker than reported on the Rogue website.

So what’s going on here? Well, it looks like Rogue is reporting the width of the flat edge of the plate (ignoring beveled edge) as opposed to measuring the true width — i.e., how much space it will take up on the bar.

For accurate values, you’ll need to visit the page for the colored Echo bumpers, where Rogue appears to be listing the true widths. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 45 lbs: 2.80″
  • 35 lbs: 2.50″
  • 25 lbs: 1.75″
  • 15 lbs: 1.25″
  • 10 lbs: 1.00″

    As you can see, the 45 lb plates are nearly an inch thinner than Hi-Temp bumper plates, and almost half an inch thiner than HG 2.0 bumper plates. While this might affect durability, it definitely makes a big difference in the amount of weight that you can fit on the bar.

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