Ironmaster Discount Codes: Free Shipping, 10% Off, and More

If you’ve been shopping for Ironmaster gym equipment, then you’re likely aware that their sales are few and far between, and their discount codes are hard to come by. But today is your lucky day…

The other day, I received an e-mail announcing their “Summer Sale.” As they’ve done in the past, they’re offering some 4th of July deals. But this year, it’s even better than usual. Read on for details.

Update: Summer is long gone, but they’re offering Black Friday deals that are similar to their 4th of July discounts.

Free shipping deal

Those who have bought gym gear online are aware that shipping can be a deal breaker. It costs a ton of money to ship a ton of gym gear. You’re either paying for it via a direct shipping charge, or the vendor will roll it into the price of the equipment and claim “free” shipping.

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But Ironmaster is doing something different. Today (July 4th, 2016) only, they’re offering truly free shipping. All items costs the same as they always have, but shipping is free if you enter the following discount code…

Free shipping code: MASTERSS0SHIP

To give you an idea of the savings… Their base set of quick-lock dumbbells (adjustable to 75 lbs each, plus a stand) costs $499 + $89 shipping. So, if you use the discount code, you’ll get over 15% off your total purchase.

Similarly, their 80 lb adjustable kettlebell combo normally sells for $205 + $49 shipping. Enter the code for free shipping and it’ll knock almost 20% off your total purchase. Quite a deal if you’re in the market…

Of course, Ironmaster sells more than just dumbbells. They also sell benches, cages, plates, barbells, etc. But their dumbbells are why I really love them. And when you compare the price to what they’re replacing (an entire rack of dumbbells) the price isn’t too bad — especially with free shipping.

Percent off deal

While the free shipping discount code is good for today only, they have a few other discount codes that are good all week. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 5% off any purchase: MASTERSS5P
  • $30 off any purchase over $250: MASTERSS30D
  • 10% off any purchase over $999: MASTERSS10P1

So… If you miss out on the free shipping deal, you can still save some cash with these other discount codes. Just be sure to order before July 12th. They probably won’t have another deal like this until Black Friday.

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