Programming 5/3/1: BBB + FSL?

I’ve been enjoying the 5/3/1 BBB program, but have felt like something was missing. I’m doing opposite lifts at 60% for the BBB work, and have been wanting to do a bit more work on the main lift before switching. So…

I’ve been experimenting with adding a capped FSL set to the main lift after the normal 5/3/1 sets. In short, as soon as I finish the main work, I knock out a set of 10 reps at FSL before transitioning to the BBB sets. I might end up wearing myself out, but I like to experiment, so here we are.

Thus far, it’s been working well. I’m only a week into this cycle, but I’ve liked the extra volume on the main exercise. Of course, instead of messing around with the template, I could always switch back to running BBB with the extra sets done on the main lift, but…

Switching up the lifts really seems to help me in terms of DOMS. When I only hit a lift once per week, I tend to get much more sore than if I mix it up and hit that lift at least twice. Perhaps the 1x/week frequency is something that my body would adapt to, but switching up the BBB work does the job.

A couple of notes:

First, the use of the opposite lift means that I can go a bit higher on the % of TM for the BBB work. I tried 50% when I first started, but found that 60% is better.

Second, yes, the switch to opposite leaves me wanting a bit more on the main work. Hence, my experiment with adding an extra set of 10 reps at FSL before switching to the BBB work. Perhaps this is something that I’ll live to regret, but there’s only one way to find out…

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