Rowing Goals for 2018

Looking ahead to 2018, I’ve decided to start rowing more regularly. To this end, I’ve set two goals… The first is to row a bare minimum of 100,000 meters per month. The second is a stretch goal of hitting 1.5 million meters for the year.

The first of these goals should improve my consistency. I piled up a decent number of meters in 2017 (just shy of a million), but it varied widely from month to month. In August, I was below 40km, and I only broke 100km/month three times.

The second goal will increase my annual volume by a little better than 50%. As an aside, I recently learned that the distance from where I live now to my childhood home is ca. 925 miles, which works out to 1,488,806 meters. Thus, my 1.5 million meter goal now has a name: #rowhome.

Both of these goals should be easily manageable, they’ll just require being mindful and making a point of sitting on the erg and yanking some chain with some regularity. In the past, my biggest challenge has been balancing rowing vs. lifting in terms of low back fatigue.

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