Titan Fitness GHD Upgrades?

As a quick followup to my recent post about the Titan GHD backorder situation, I wanted to share some news (or at least solid rumors) about possible possible upgrades to their basic design.

Over on the BodyBuilding.com forums, Titan responded (under the username “BeTitanFit“) to concerns re: poor packaging and damage during shipping with the following tidbit:

“We […] are definitely addressing the packaging on the next orders. Got some good news on handles, wider footplates, and replacement pads. Next round will have improvement on all handles and we will get some separately that initial customers can order if they choose. Footplate will be sold as a separate item so that we can keep the cost low for those who don’t need the wide stance, but still meet the needs of the wide-stance customers out there. Replacement pads will be available for when and if you need them.”

So… It sounds like this is shaping up a bit like the situation with the Titan T-3 (formerly the Titan HD) power rack, which had some initial problems, but received a number of upgrades. Ultimately, they wound up producing a solid (albeit much cheaper) alternative to the Rogue R-3 power rack.

With luck, the Titan GHD will likewise prove to be a solid (but much cheaper) alternative to the Rogue Abram GHD 2.0, which is the current gold standard of glute-ham developers, but also far more expensive than the Titan version.

It remains to be seen how long it will take for these upgraded units to hit the market, but that “next round” verbiage is promising. Hopefully they’ll be filling the backorders with the upgraded version, which will make it worth waiting for mine to ship. Fingers crossed.

It’s also nice to hear that they will have replacement pads available, as that’s the most likely thing to wear out. While re-upholstering them is always a possibility, it will be nice to have a pad replacement option.

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  • JB Mar 19, 2017

    Did you ever get the Titan GHD? Did they make the upgrades they mentioned?

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