Titan Fitness Promo Codes: 10%-15% Off

Titan Fitness is widely regarded as one of the go-to brands for budget gym equipment. Their T-3 power rack, in particular, is quite popular amongst home gym aficionados who are looking for a Rogue-style rack without spending Rogue-level money. And it gets great reviews.

But can you do even better than their already aggressive pricing? Of course you can. You just have to time it right…

Titan Fitness frequently offers promo codes for 10%-15% off. These codes are usually timed to coincide with holidays (e.g., 4th of July and Labor Day) or major events (e.g., March Madness, Amazon Prime Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, New Year’s Day, etc.).

Recent Titan Fitness promo codes

  • JULY4 — 15% off purchase (expired)
  • PRIME12 — 12% off purchase (expired)
  • FRIENDS15 — 15% off purchase (expired)
  • LABORDAY10 — 10% off purchase (expired)
  • NY25 — $25 off $250 purchase

No active promo codes?

If you can’t find an active promo code, all is not (necessarily) lost…

New customers should be able to get a small-ish discount by signing up for the Titan Fitness newsletter use the promo code. There should be a pop-over message with details when you first visit their site. Just be sure to order everything you need since this sort of discount can only be used once.

Other options…

You might also want to keep your eye on Amazon, as they typically have competitive prices and free shipping on Titan Fitness gear. This includes a nice selection of racks, plyoboxes, kettlebells, rings, etc.

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