Is Titan Fitness Compatible With Rogue Racks?

I have a Rogue R-3 power rack, as well as Rogue’s “The Strip” mounted to the wall for extra storage. I’m also in the market for some accessories, so I’ve been shopping around and looking at what’s available.

As you’re likely aware, Titan Fitness sells a bunch of things that are essentially clones of Rogue products, but at much lower prices. But does Titan gear work with Rogue’s offerings?

Titan vs. Rogue

For background, the R-3 is an Infinity-series rack, which means that it has 2×3-inch tubing. That’s the same as the Titan T-3 (aka the Titan HD). So it would seem that Titan accessories would work on a Rogue rack.

Sadly, they don’t. Or at least not always. I found this out the hard way. I picked up some of Titan’s Olympic plate holders as well as their dip bars in hopes of using them with my Rogue Fitness gear.

As it turns out, the holes in Rogue racks are designed for 5/8-inch pins, but Titan gear has 3/4-inch pins. So they are slightly too big for the Rogue holes.

Of course, the converse is not true. Since the Rogue holes (and thus pins) are slightly smaller, Rogue accessories can be used on Titan racks. The might be a tiny bit loose, but they should fit well enough.

Titan’s missed opportunity?

This seems like a major oversight on Titan’s part, as selling accessories to people who already own a Rogue rack seems like a pretty big (and untapped) market. Then again, the incompatibility might drive sales of Titan racks.

Regardless, I’m now left with some Titan gear that I can’t use.

The solution, of course, would be to stick with Titan (or Rogue) for everything. I could’ve, for example, bought the Titan wall strip (also available in a 2-pack), saved money, and had a working storage system.

As for the dip bars, I guess I should’ve skipped that style entirely. They really need to be mounted on the rack, and they simply won’t work with the Rogue Infinity uprights. Oh well, lesson learned…

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  • Marc Cardinal Jan 26, 2018

    That is really unfortunate that the titan attachments don’t fit on a rogue rack since they make extra attachments that rogue does not. I was looking to purchase a sandwich j cup set and a set of dumbbell holders.

  • Brian Anderson Feb 8, 2018

    You could take a drimal with a grinding bit or belt sander and work on the assesories tell they fit might look a little off but then you won’t have wasted the money

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