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Hello and welcome to Iron@Home, a website dedicated to the glorious art of building a home gym. My goal here is to create a one-stop shop of tip, tricks, reviews, etc. for outfitting the basement or garage gym of your dreams.

For background, I’m a mid-40s father of four (!) boys who found his way back into the gym not quite two years ago after spending far too long away. I (re)started my fitness journey by joining a local (i.e., non-Globo) gym and working out there. In the end, however, I caught the home gym bug.

This past winter, we completed construction of a new house that includes a large basement. We finished a big chunk of the basement, but left a decent amount of it unfinished. Perfect for storage and… Building a home gym!

After moving in, I started building a gym suitable for my workout needs. Like this website, our gym is a work in progress. The major pieces are in place, but I’m always fine-tuning the details. As things progress, I will (of course!) chronicle everything on the pages of this site.

While I write based largely on personal experience, every move that I make is backed by a ton of research. What can I say? I’m a maximizer. 🙂

With that said… I invite you to follow along. Whether you’re a general fitness enthusiast or have more targeted interests in powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, or bodybuilding, you’re sure to find something of interest.

P.S. I also enjoy grip training and rowing on our Concept2 erg.

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