What Do Concept2 Rowing Machines Include?

A reader named Marc recently asked about what comes with Concept2 rowing machines when purchased new. He is looking at buying one used and wants to know if anything is missing.

I’ll start by saying that you’re lucky if you can find a Concept2 rowing machine (erg) on the used market. These things aren’t particularly common on Craigslist or the like, and they usually sell very quickly.

What’s in the box?

As for what comes with them when purchased new… I’ll start by saying that you have two main options when buying a Concept2 erg: the Model D and the Model E. They are functionally equivalent, with minor design differences.

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As it turns out, both models ship with the same stuff:

  • Model D (or Model E) User Manual
  • Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
  • Tools and illustrated assembly instructions

So, if you’re buying used, and if you’re getting a fully assembled rowing machine, you’re getting pretty much everything that they ship with.

Note: If you need the documentation, you can find it here.

The only thing to be on the lookout for (aside from the overall condition of the rowing machine) is which PM it has. Older versions may have the PM3 or PM4, but you can upgrade to the PM5 (for a price…) is you wish.

As an aside… Like I said above, Concept2 rowing machines can be hard to find on the used market. Moreover, they tend to hold their value, so you might not save a ton by buying used. And you might get an older PM.

What about buying new?

If you want to buy new, you can expect to pay the following:

Just keep in mind that the lack of depreciation works both ways… It means you won’t save a lot on the used market, but it also means that you can re-sell for a high percentage of what you paid in the first place.

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